Hello Chilli People

It has been so long since I updated the site, which is very slack, and I am very sorry. Although, there has been nothing much to report. The late rains and lack of storms meant that growing season was delayed – and still is……

Saturday 24 July – this saturday is the day for SouthBank to hold its regular Regional FLavours Market – showcasing the producers from South East Queensland. The event is held from 10 – 3 and there are over 80 exhibitors. We are among them.

Didn’t make it to Sawtell this year, but I heard it was really good. We were supposed to be overseas, but didn’t make it when firstborn broke his leg. Oh well.

Now I have fixed the glitch (alright the glitch was fixed for me – thanks Luke) I can update the site regularly. Might just do that!

Welcome. We are glad that you have dropped in to see what we are doing. Please keep browsing the site, and coming back from time to time.

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Lanacoora = home of the kangaroos.
Chillies = nothing to do with kangaroos.
Where we live is in the Australian bush. The land on which our chillies grow, is land which we share with the kangaroos, koalas, lizards, snakes, birds, bees and other wildlife. We are as committed to this wildlife as we are to growing quality chillies. We also house muscovy ducks, hens, a rooster, a very short pony, two dogs and a guinea pig. This adds to the already full quality of life that exists within our family of Jim, Katrina, Oscar, Monty and Eliza.

We decided three years ago, for some very peculiar reason, to set up a chilli farm. At that stage we had one chilli plant. Now we have over four hundred. We are a small, unconventional chilli farm. Nothing here is in flat, straight rows. We have soil issues, water issues, and slope issues. The wrong soil, little water and huge slopes! Chilli plants are however, very resilient, and will continue to grow as long as they are provided with sun, heat, water, and loads of tender loving care.

What we offer to our customers depends upon the season. As often as possible, we attend local markets and not so local chilli or food festivals. We provide tastings of fresh, dried and smoked chillies, and take people on the “great chilli adventure”. And an adventure it is for many. Chilli is not just about hot and how hot you can go …. it is about experiencing the flavour and learning about different ways of using different chilli. Chillies are seasonal produce, although we always try to grow them year round!

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Our mail order page is available here. This will give you the products available, their cost, and an easy way of purchasing what Lanacoora Chillies has to offer. All prices exclude postage, which we will endeavour to provide in the most efficient and economic manner. For fresh chillies, we always use Express Post, so they arrive with you fresh. We accept Paypal, direct deposit or money/postal order. Please note that Lanacoora Chillies sells fresh, dried and smoked chilli product within Australia only. Unfortunately we cannot supply to Tasmania or Western Australia at this point in time. This is in accordance with Quarantine regulations, which we strongly support. We want the integrity of Australian flora and fauna maintained for future generations. For further information on quarantine restrictions, please visit We apologise for any inconvenience.

Lanacoora Chillies does not sell seed or plants. Other people do that and we support them. Check our links pages for sources.

Please feel free to browse our site, and contact us if there is anything we can help you with.